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Property Inspection Adelaide

18 Aug 2019 | Kourosh A

Building Inspection Adelaide

When you're seeking to build a new home, purchase an existing home, or invest in a new Adelaide property, it is vital that you should receive a property inspection. This article will explain the importance of property inspection to the process of buying a house and illustrate why you should choose Australian Property and Building Inspections (APBI) - Adelaide to carry out your inspection. 

Why is a building inspection important? 
The reason why you should receive a property inspection is to protect your investment. For instance, when you're buying a new house or investing in a new property, you don't want that property to have any major or costly issues with its structure. Therefore, APBI will check your property for any defects, whether major or minor and structural issues with your home. Our property inspectors will typically search for the following: 
• Any fittings and fixtures within the home
• The electrical work on the property
• Walls
• Retaining walls
• All joinery, such as kitchen cabinetry, cupboards, and so on
• Underfloor space
• The roof and roof space
• The conditions of the windows and doors
• Driveways
• Outbuildings, such as sheds
• All plumbing and drainage
• Guttering and pipes
Receiving a building inspection will protect your investment and your bank balance from having to pay thousands to repair issues you were not aware of when buying your property. 
That being said, it is also important to choose the right company for your inspection! 
Why Should I Choose APBI? 
All of APBI's building inspectors are trade qualified and have over twenty years' experience in the industry. Consequently, you can rest assured that if you choose APBI to carry out your property inspection, you will receive the most experienced and qualified property inspection in Adelaide. 
In addition to our highly experienced and qualified inspectors, APBI has also been recognised as a partner by popular TV programs, Selling Houses Australia!
If you need a property inspection in Adelaide, feel free to text us on 0429 041 719 or call on 1300 657 546. If you'd rather not call or text, you can also request a free quote directly from our website!